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Kyolic Kyolic Extraforte 60ml Extraforte is aged garlic organic extract that helps maintain cardiovascular activity and care system defenses. As a result of the unique process that aged garlic Kiolic undergoes a product that does not repeat, no odor and does not produce acidity, maximized the beneficial properties of garlic and incorporating new beneficial substances created during the process is obtained. Kyolic Extraforte is recommended for: · Caring for the cardiovascular system and help improve blood circulation • Strengthen defenses • Protect the liver of aged garlic extract is a preparation with organic garlic and antioxidant capacity thanks to its sulfur components helps protect the liver. Moreover, aged during increase the amount of antioxidant substances responsible for the vast majority of exerting beneficial effects aged garlic extract, the S-allylcysteine ​​(SAC) and the S-Allyl-Mercaptocisteína (SAMC). The end result of the aged is a stable and safe product, odorless Over 650 clinical studies ensuring its effectiveness on the one hand and safety on the other. Of them is shown that the administration of aged garlic extract helps improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system of Vitae Kyolic Extraforte ensures that the amount of active ingredient is standardized. The equivalence of 1000 mg of Kyolic Forte is approximately 20 g of raw garlic, that is, average head garlic.

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